giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

Non-Toxic Beauty: Do You Know What’s In Your Lipstick?

Adding a touch of lipstick to your outfit will add some color to your face and can even accentuate your smile. However, that glamor comes with a price. The average woman will ingest about 6 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime. That’s a whole lot of unnatural ingredients to process in your body! To help you understand a bit more in what lipstick is made out of, here are some of the harmful ingredients you will come across in the product.

Toxic Ingredients
Lipstick is usually made up of wax, oil, pigments, dyes, alcohol, preservatives and antioxidants. And those are the more benign ingredients! The harmful ingredients you should look out for includes:

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  1. Lead: This is the most common ingredient used in lipstick and can cause infertility, anemia, cancer, learning disabilities, mental retardation and behavioral problems.

    :| cancer too

  2. I always tell them girls, but they say that the stuff in the makeup actually helps them defend from the "radicals" in the air, or something like that what advertisement told em.