sabato 15 ottobre 2011

An ITC VIP passed away: Dennis Ritchie

I told you about Steve Jobs, so now it's his turn.
I'm talking about Dennis Ritchie, a VIP who created C and the bases of the present Information Technology.
He was a king, a guru.
We will remember him, because he created the greatest programming language, which programmers still use to develop their application.
If he had not invented it, we would not use any OS like Windows 7, Linux distros and any other OS (because a lot of OS use a kernel written in C).

Goodbye Dennis, we'll always miss you.

9 commenti:

  1. Lots of geniuses dying lately. I'm afraid for my life.

  2. Sucks he died so close to Jobs, because he didn't get the attention he deserved.

  3. Now this guy is, or was a genius - RIP

  4. Jobs was far more known thanks to the media, is normal that ritchie didn't get the attention with all the paper/blogs/tvs annoucing jobs death.

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