lunedì 3 dicembre 2012


It's been a long time since my last post here!

I decided to restart writing for many reasons:
1 - I don't want to lose the skills in written English - which still needs to be improved, I know :D
2 - I don't know how could I call it... a "need to write"? Well something like that! 
3 - Sometime I have some free time! 

I say "Sometime" because I'm studying at the University so I don't have a lot of time to write indeed.

This is a kind of American Global Reunion for me =D

What happened today and in the past days...

.... Lots of things! 
  • As many of you may know, in a few days - in my town in about ten days - "The Hobbit" will be available at the cinema! 
  • Italian politicians are going from bad to worse - if they continue acting like that, we'll never exit from this "economic crisis".
  • Pope will be available on Twitter... well that's strange! I hope he will post some pics in Instagram, LOL
  • Kate Middleton is pregnant. Her nudes  pics will be spread someday! 
  • ... nothing else comes to my mind at the moment! 

Well, keep following, some new news will be shared! 

- Verba volant, scripta manent. 

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